On November 28, 2001, Judith Joseph met with representatives from the Newtown Township, PA, Police and Emergency Services. At that evening's Township Meeting, the Supervisors had a ceremony to honor their police, fire, ambulance and safety personnel and then unanimously voted to appoint Judith C. Joseph as the official chaplain for the township Police and Emergency Services. She served in this capacity for almost five years and was honored and humbled by this opportunity to use her chaplaincy, training and trauma response skills to support her community.

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The Newtown Township Board of Supervisors Meeting, and Judith's appointment was carried live on local cable TV.
Newtown Township Manager, Robert Pellegrino poses with Judith during a break in the Supervisors meeting.
Colleen Murphy-Campbell, Chief of the Newtown Ambulance Squad meets the newly appointed Chaplain.
Deputy Chief Zach Dunkelberger of the Newtown Fire Association: a volunteer service that provides fire protection for Newtown Township and surrounding communities.
Don Harris the Newtown Township Fire Marshall, heads a fire safety team made up of full time fire fighters and EMT's. They fight fires with the Fire Association, do fire safety inspections, and provide community public education on fire safety.
Police Chief Martin Duffy, along with most of the Newtown Township Police Department, were there to meet their new chaplain.

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